ACCIONA's Property Development Business, in close partnership with ACCIONA Group's R&D&I department, works on national and international projects

ACCIONA understands R&D&I as adriving force for change and a tool for continuous improvement. We base our growth on leadership and technological excellence, which allows us to increase productivity, raise the quality of our products and services, and improve customer and worker satisfaction.

This way, we develop new construction processes. We further look for new materials, equipment and systems for our developments and buildings in order to improve the benchmarks for sustainability, quality and customer satisfaction across our entire value chain. We believe in the need for research, development and technological innovation, and we trust that this will pave the way to new markets, in terms of products and services.


We are currently engaged in a number of national and international projects, the top research areas of which are: energy and water efficiency, use of renewable energies, reduction of CO2 emissions, use of non-polluting materials, employment of information and communication technologies, and increased comfort and quality.

For our end customers, these technologies bring a distinct competitive advantage.

European projects

ACCIONA supports the European Clear-up project.

National projects

ACCIONA supports the AIVI project.

Energy efficiency in home building

At ACCIONA we strive to make progress towards energy-efficient new build properties.

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