Quality and Environmental Policy

Environmental protection as a differentiating element

The fight against climate change, the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of biodiversity are the main pillars of ACCIONA's environmental strategy.

Preserving and respecting the environment, leading the transition towards low-carbon business models that reduce or mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, and conserving biodiversity and the responsible use of natural heritage, are the three basic pillars of ACCIONA, as is made clear in the Declaration of Intent set out in the Environmental Policy, the Biodiversity Policy and the Climate Change Policy.

At ACCIONA we promote initiatives under established sustainability criteria, in which quality and adaptation to the needs of today's society are the premises that govern all our projects.

At ACCIONA, we dedicate all our efforts to offering a professional, efficient and personalised service that meets our customers' expectations and creates value for them. A reality that has responded to three basic pillars: a successful business strategy, modern management, and a team of people committed to the canons of quality and service to its customers, and always responsible with the environment and social and economic development. 

In ACCIONA's Quality and Sustainability Policy Statement, you can see our approach to sustainability, as well as our commitment to quality with a permanent vision of continuous improvement.

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