Customer satisfaction

Customer assessment and awareness is of paramount importance to us.

ACCIONA has implemented a method to determine customer satisfaction based on regular analysis on various issues, as a tool to improve company management.

We also conduct surveys in events that are open to the public in order to gauge the pulse of prospective customers in relation to the implementation of eco-efficiency criteria in our developments. It is worth noting that the vast majority of respondents appear to welcome the idea of purchasing an eco-efficient home.

When taking stock of the level of satisfaction in relation to our schemes, we take into consideration matters such as customer satisfaction at the point of sale and during exchange of contracts; customer assessment of the property and wider offering; state of repair, use and operation of the property, and after-sale experience.

When keeping our finger on the pulse of equity customer satisfaction, the key aspects we focus on are related to handover and reception of the property, quality of the asset, and treatment accorded.

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