Energy efficiency in home building

At ACCIONA we strive to make progress towards energy-efficient new build properties.

ACCIONA's Property Development Business and ACCIONA Group's R&D&I department have put together a dedicated working group to research on energy efficiency in new builds. The new legal and environmental framework entails an obligation to prioritise solutions that help save energy and material resources, within a global economic profitability aspect. To this end, we pursue the following avenues:

  • Computer simulation of a building's energy consumption using several computer tools, such as Design Builder, LIDER, CALENER and DIALux.
  • Conducting an assessment of passive architectural solutions aimed at reducing a property's energy consumption.
  • Collecting and collating performance and profitability data in relation to the most environmentally-friendly air conditioning and lighting systems.
  • Conducting an assessment of innovative solutions in terms of energy savings and efficiency, such as phase change materials (PCM) or aerogels.
  • Using computer tools to conduct lifecycle analysis in order to assess the energy consumed by a building throughout its lifecycle: material manufacturing, transport and use, construction and demolition.

Since June 2013, and in accordance with Royal Decree 235/2013, dated 5 April, all our schemes include an energy efficiency certificate. This certificate is available to the public in our sales offices and helpdesks.

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